Friday, 29 October 2010

Dangerous Affair

I'm really liking this new nail colour (it's called 'Dangerous Affair', hence the title) which I got free with Marie Claire.

I've never been that good with nail polish. It looks good when it's first on, but then I need to change the channel or turn a page and it starts getting chipped and dented. I do it all properly like you're supposed to: base coat, two layers, top coat, leave it in the fridge before hand, but my problem is I can't sit still and wait for it to dry properly. Even afterwards, it just comes off. Some of it actually just made a mark on the 'E' key.
Oh well, it looks good from a distance, though I have many other colours yet to try, including New York Taxi Cab Yellow and Green-wich Village Green.
At least they all have great names.

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Michal Kurtis said...

Oooh I do like that color! Ive been really into polish these days...just got a package of fall colors:)