Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Italian Style in Napoli and Sorrento

What is Italian Style?
Is it older gentlemen in their well-made suits and custom shoes? Is it tan boys with dark hair in ice cream coloured T shirts on matching mopeds? Or is it their girlfriends, clinging onto the back in denim jackets, neckscarves and Valentino red lipstick?
From my recent trip to the Bay of Naples, I can speculate on only a few features of Italian style, and they are hardly expert opinions. But anyway, let me share with you my observations.

1.Italians like their national colours - especially red. There is so much red going on in people's outfits. The first day, I saw a woman wearing all red, closely followed by a woman all in white. Right down to the shoes. There is obviously some sort of plot to recreate that scene from The Italian Job, but with people in place of minis.

2. Flat shoes are in - at least in the Naples area. Comfort is a big priority, but so is style. Their perfect shoe is something brogue-ey, in brown or cream leather, but not worn with the traditional suit. They like to wear something far more relaxed with their footwear. I am so glad I invested in those lovely brown leather look shoes now. Thank you Primark.

3. Black is most definitely the new black. - Saturday night, a wedding reception held at our hotel, and it wasn't just the men in black suits. Black is the perfect match for a mediterranean complexion, and most of the women, men and children wore dresses and suits in charcoal and ebony. Well, it's one way not to upstage the bride.

4. Hold your drink - because any outfit requires an accompanying drink in hand. Going to work in a chic shift dress? Strong black takeaway coffee. Taking the tourist trail in shorts and a cardigan? Have a cooling Granita. Out on the town in a light minidress? Have a glass of limoncello (only one mind).

5. Its all about the classics - Looking around, the evidence of a strong pride in Italian brands is clear: Valentino, Armani, Gucci, D&G, Moschino... I could go on forever. Basically Italians have a rich history of fashion design, and they know it.

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