Monday, 6 December 2010

5 places to find your party dress

Advent day 6. Here is a quick list of ideas for places you can search for the ideal christmas party dress

1. ASOS – they have some fantastic ones this season

2. Designer boutiques - if you have some spare cash, then why not have a look? The second picture is of The Little London Boutique in town which I have never been in, but I intend to soon. They stock Halston Heritage, See by Chloe and  lots of brilliant designers. Don't be put off by their expensive atmosphere, but if it makes you feel better, look for a 'Browsers Welcome'.

3. Your mother's wardrobe -  who knows what she has in there? Have a good rummage!

      4. Vintage shops- you know how I feel about vintage. The best styles to look for would be a beaded 1920s flapper dress which is always good for a party, a full-skirt 1950s dress which is totally en vogue right now or if dresses aren't your thing, a 1970s silk suit could be the answer.

      5. The dressing up box - an old nativity angel dress, a Shakespeare costume or maybe even a witch's outfit from Halloween. With a few alterations, these can easily be turned into show-stopping party pieces. Don't know how? A how-to guide should be coming soon.

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Puck Litaay said...

These are some great examples you've given!