Friday, 10 December 2010

5 Things To Make You Happy This Christmas

Advent Day10.

1. Something sweet - There is so much sugar in this country, even more at this time of year. Mince pies, candy floss, pastries, confectionery and, my favourite, Belgian waffles. Mmmm. Treat yourself to something nice and eat it in a cafe or at a Christmas market. Having said that, try not to buy it from the Christmas market, £3 for a waffle probably won't make you very happy.

2. Family - Even if they annoy you sometimes, it's always nice when you eat Christmas dinner and pull the odd cracker with your family.

3. January sales - Some people like to rush in with the crowds on Boxing day to get that Topshop dress for £15 less, others prefer to amble in during early January to see what's left. I think I prefer the latter, but have never properly tried it, so who knows? Perhaps I would enjoy the excitement.

4. Snow - Stop complaining about transport and go outside to enjoy it!

5. Film & TV - Christmas = Ratings Wars = Great TV. I'm looking forward to the Doctor Who and Miranda Christmas specials. Also, now is the time when studios start to think about awards season, which isn't all that far away when you think about it. That means the best films will be out anytime soon, along with plenty of family movies for the Christmas Holidays. I find a good Disney film always gets me in the festive mood.

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Esther said...

oh candy floss!! i love candy floss! yummmmm :)

♥ xxx