Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Brown Paper Packages

Advent day 7. This year, instead of the usual array of various styles of wrapping papers, I decided to do each of my friend's presents in this cute vintage way, which I think makes them look really homey and thoughtful. It's really easy to do too, you just need brown paper, a gift label and some ribbon.

 1. Use tape to wrap the present with brown paper in the traditional way. If you really can't be bothered, buy a plain - but nice- cardboard box which will fit the object inside.
 2. Stick a label on. I find this type particularly useful, they have sticky backs and come on a seemingly never-ending roll, so they can be very useful for keeping track of who each present is for.
3. Tie a length of ribbon around it and finish with a bow. Alternatively, you can cut a strip of Christmas paper and wrap that around once then stick it together at the back.

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