Friday, 3 December 2010


Advent day 3, another snow day. Less frolicking in the snow today, as I went to (finally) see the new Harry Potter film. It was good, everything I expected it to be with a little extra here and there, but I couldn't help but notice just how perfect Hermione's style is now. We all know about Emma Watson's gradual transformation from little frizzy-haired child star to stylish and powerful actress and Burberry muse, but what about the character of Hermione? I don't think she even got to wear a pair of jeans until the third film. But the real turning point -in both her style and personality- is the Yule Ball, which everyone remembers as the part in the films when she glides down the staircase and, in the process, becomes an elegant young woman.

Despite her flowing pink ballgown in that scene and that striking red dress from Deathly Hallows, I came to the conclusion today that the thing Hermione does best is winter style, because for some reason we mainly see her own clothes when it's snowing. Of course with the Deathly Hallows, the characters are taken away from their Hogwarts setting, so we see a whole range of her outfits. But the hats, scarves, jumpers, gloves and coats remain her best pieces, and seem to capture the character better than her school uniform. It made me want to make a collage. So I did.

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