Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Memory for Sale

Advent day 14. I just put this little mock-suede suit in camel up on eBay, it's for a 7 year old, but if you know anyone who'd like it, bidding starts at just 99p!

It's quite special to me actually, because it was probably the first piece of clothing which I absolutely focused my mind on, that I had to have, that I wanted so much I would go to Debenham's every Saturday just to touch it. And, lo and behold, come my 7th birthday, there it was, wrapped up in a gold box with white tissue around it.

I now, however, don't really need it any more, and I don't want it as much as I did, so now is the right time to sell it, especially with camel being so in. In fact, I was reminded about it by the ad for Love, Chloe, just the soft, 70s feel of it is the same. I think that's why it's a good piece, it may go out of style for a bit, but it's sure to come back again one way or another.

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