Thursday, 23 December 2010

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Advent day 23. In 5 places to find your party dress, I said that a good place to find pieces would be the dressing up box. Just to illustrate that this is actually possible, I fished this old angel dress out, which I wore when I was in a Nativity play a while back. It probably covered my legs back then! I've added a white belt with gold stars on which I got from Primark when I dressed up as Wonderwoman, my favourite heels which I wore to The Birthday Party and a gold sequin purse on a shoulder strap. If I were braver I might have done something to the neckline, but I'm scared of ruining it. I think the overall effect looks pretty good, though I probably should have taken the wings off...

Hopefully I'll be putting some more outfit ideas up before NYE, but tomorrow is my last advent post and I'll take a little break after that.

Pictures by Holly B

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