Monday, 31 January 2011

Book Review: Bright Young Things

Bright Young Things is the first in a new series by Anna Godberson, author of one of my all-time favourite series of books, The Luxe. In contrast to her previous work, which was set in New York at the turn of the century from 1800s to 1900s among the privileged families of the time, this has 1929 as the setting and the characters are decidedly lower on the social hierarchy. That doesn't mean to say that all of them are poor. My favourite character was Astrid Donal, a wild girl in her last year of school with a mother who has married money... several times. She lives in luxury and is the height of fashion but still finds herself feeling insecure. The other central characters were Cordelia and Letty, girls from Small Town, Ohio who jumped on a train to New York and never looked back. I adored Cordelia for the first bit, but then she did a few stupid things and I started to feel less sympathy for her. And Letty? She's... cute, but I hope her character develops more and that she learns from her mistakes in order to become less naive.

Overall, this is a very entertaining read, but nowhere near the dramatic decadence of The Luxe. I'm expecting it to get a little better as the stories progress, because as anyone doing History GCSE knows, 1929 is the year of the Wall Street Crash, and that doesn't seem to have happened yet. Drama, debt and death is inevitable.

Read it if you like: The Luxe, The Great Gatsby, anything to do with the 1920s

Mark out of 5: 3.4

P.S. Please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks the girl on the cover's head looks way too small for her body?

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Amanda Johansson said...

I never noticed the head to body ratio before you mentioned it... But I completely agree!

I've never heard of any of these books before. But I ADORE the 1920's. So I'm going to have to check them out :)