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I've been having a lot of mock exams recently -they actually started the day after returning to school, I mean come on! Rain, uniforms, exams, it's enough to make you forget that colour exists. However, help is at hand! Exam regulations mean you have to have clear pencil cases for your stuff, which may seem like a nuisance, but is in fact the perfect opportunity to show off what you have in there! Here's how to make an attractive exam kit in 3 steps:

1. To start with, you need to clear it out. i promise you that you'll find some pencil shavings, bits of paper and all kinds of junk in there; it has to go! Especially any pieces of paper because you can be accused of having cheat notes.

2. You may also have to clean the inside. In a normal pencil case, it doesn't matter much if some ink or pencil transfers onto the interior, but when it's clear, everyone can see your dirty secrets. Just use a wet wipe or something to get rid of the marks.

3. Fill it with pretty things! I've given you some ideas above on how you can stick to a theme, including one for when you forget and don't have a clear case, but it's really up to you. You may also need different things for different exams (calculator for maths etc.) but the basic kit is: a ruler, a rubber, a pencil sharpener (preferably one with a box around it to keep the shavings in), plenty of sharp pencils and several pens. (Heehee, several pens. my sense of humour is so weird.)

  • Most exam boards require black ink. Make sure you have black pens in case this is true for you.
  • If you have trouble fitting everything in, you can always get one of those incredibly oversized ones, I prefer to have one I can fit in my blazer pocket.
  • If you're doing a music theory exam, you won't be allowed anything depicting a keyboard, clef, notes or really anything music-related. Pretty as that piano ruler may be, you could be disqualified for having it.
Good luck if you also have exams around now, I'll be doing some more exam/revision posts soon so watch this space!

3 comments: said...

This is damn cute!

Giovanna&Roberta said...

I dear! Check out/FOLLOW our blog to see lovely handmade italian creation!


Pencil cases always make me smile. They make me want to go right back to grade school!

Love seeing inside your bag!