Saturday, 29 January 2011

Prints Charming

Suddenly, the weather is really cold. And when I say cold, I mean wind-actually-stings-your-face, don't-go-out-without-gloves cold. Summer seems such a long way away, and I'm dying to wear some colour! Instead, I've made this collage of prints and patterns which make me think of warmer seasons and packing for holidays... I could do with a holiday.

Going to the cinema with friends today, so expect some comments on the film soon! In the meantime let's hope my hands don't fall off in the cold.


Eva FD said...

I don't really know where you're from but it's the same here in Slovenia! The weather is all cold and windy again >< And I always forget my gloves at home, thinking it's warm already...
Anyways, I love prints! They give me such a summery feeling and I love it :)
I like your blog!

xoxo fashionistasdiary

Yajaira said...

nice collage o great inspiration

Cylia said...

totally into safari like prints this upcoming season.. im excited what to see in clothing stores when spring starts coming..