Saturday, 29 January 2011

Prints Charming

Suddenly, the weather is really cold. And when I say cold, I mean wind-actually-stings-your-face, don't-go-out-without-gloves cold. Summer seems such a long way away, and I'm dying to wear some colour! Instead, I've made this collage of prints and patterns which make me think of warmer seasons and packing for holidays... I could do with a holiday.

Going to the cinema with friends today, so expect some comments on the film soon! In the meantime let's hope my hands don't fall off in the cold.


Eva said...

I don't really know where you're from but it's the same here in Slovenia! The weather is all cold and windy again >< And I always forget my gloves at home, thinking it's warm already...
Anyways, I love prints! They give me such a summery feeling and I love it :)
I like your blog!

xoxo fashionistasdiary

Yajaira said...

nice collage o great inspiration

Cylia said...

totally into safari like prints this upcoming season.. im excited what to see in clothing stores when spring starts coming..