Monday, 3 January 2011

Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

I suppose Vanessa Hudgens has always been the style icon I aspire to dress like. She wears what she wants and has fun with it while keeping a casual boho vibe for her days off and a killer formal look which makes her own the red carpet. In reality I probably dress more like a casual Emma Roberts or a bit more Hermione Granger, but looking through my wardrobe the other day, I realised how many pieces I had been inspired to buy because of her style: my leather jacket, my cardigans, my saints bracelet and peace necklace, all of these and more were bought due to a picture of her wearing something which I particularly liked.

The reason I've been thinking about her look recently is obviously the split with Zac Efron which threw me slightly, mainly for the reason that I don't remember a time when they weren't dating, and made me wonder: will her style change now? Has it been defined by her relationship and her rise to stardom through a hit Disney family movie? Or was she always true to her style anyway, and will it continue to evolve in the same way?

Either way, I hope she continues to dominate the events she attends with outfits which both fit the dress code and remain youthful and flirty, and that she keeps her casual style looking stylish and comfortable. And if that fails, please don't do an Emma Watson (much as it looks good on her) and cut all of those beautiful nearly black waves off. My constitution couldn't take it.

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Fashion Fabrice said...

She is really pretty and her clothes are always awesome!;)
you have such a great blog by the way!i'm happy i ran into it:) I really like your style and reading your posts!
So i'm your newest follower:)
hope you visit me back and become my follower too!
Have a fabulous day!