Sunday, 9 January 2011

A weekend in the city

Building of the shard reflected in an opposite building
Craft Fair day bag and H&M large bag
Vintage Oversized Clutch

New Look Shirt
H&M Top

New Look Jeans
Next Blazer
Vintage Shoes

New Look Boots
Primark Cardigan

Rage @ New Look Dress
Primark Pyjamas. Aren't they cute?
This is what I packed when I went to see Jonathan Groff (swoon) in Deathtrap on London's West End. It was a one night stay in very early January, and I had to pack light. If you are maybe thinking of doing a similar weekend trip or going somewhere with work or school, this is my list of essentials:

1 Large bag for clothes, shoes and wash bag
1 medium day bag for everything else
1 evening purse which can travel in the day bag
2 tops, one for wearing on the way there, one for the next day
1 pair of jeans. Can be worn as both travelling and sightseeing outfit
1 blazer, which will help you sharpen up a look during the day or serve as an extra layer at night
2 pairs of shoes, in this case I went for boots during the day and heels for the theatre, but you could get by with just one pair
1 pashmina. Friend of all travellers.
1 winter coat to keep warm
1 cardigan as an emergency extra layer
1 going out dress/outfit
1 pair of pyjamas or other sleeping things (I am known to forget these, so make it a priority to put these in)

Other than that, you'll need underwear, socks/tights, a good book or magazine and the basic bag contents (purse, phone, make-up bag, keys). You may have noticed that I stuck to a basic colour scheme of blues and whites. This is partially because I have a lot of those colours in my wardrobe, but it also means piecing outfits together is easier and adding layers won't ruin the effect. Packing just monochrome is also a good idea, especially for a work trip.

P.S. Here's a picture of me with Jonathan, just so I can show it off


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