Wednesday, 23 February 2011

London Fashion Week

I love her style so much!

This was the team from cool new mag 1883 who were shooting interviews. I managed to nab a copy which someone had abandoned on one of the tables - it's really good!

Check out this guy with his pose matching the model behind him! What do you reckon? The next male supermodel?

The sign you can't really see to the right here says 'PRESS ONLY NO FOOD OR DRINK'

First thing's first. I wasn't invited. I know, shock horror! But just because nobody wants you in the shows doesn't exclude you from just hanging around Somerset House, having a macchiato, leafing through The Daily and people-watching. I often see articles about fashion events with the subtitle 'An Insider's View', but these photos are just the opposite: 'An Outsider's View'.

I saw so many stylish, beautiful people, some in outfits I didn't really understand and just two rather confused looking women in late middle-age, who seemed like they'd just been looking for somewhere to have a nice cup of tea. Today was especially for menswear so there was an excess of dashing, well-dressed guys around but I'm saving the photos of them for tomorrow when I'll do a special 'Stylish Men' feature.

Seeing Fashion Week up close, but not really personal, has re-inspired my desire to work in fashion. They say you should set yourself high targets to make you work harder for things, so here's my target: I'll be back to LFW within two years, and next time, I'll have an invite.


LoveE ♥ said...

OMG London Fashion Week was so amazing this time around! Amazing fresh new styles all around, and these photos are amazing :)

Margaret said...

Your photographs are really impressive. You really captured the atmosphere!

Mgt x

The Trend Spotter said...

Fashion Moriarty,

I absolutely love your pictures from fashion week, they are very stylish. I also love your title an " an outsiders view", and your right there is nothing wrong in being around if your not invited. I believe that we are about the same age, how old are you? Thanks for commenting on my blog btw. We should definitely follow each other to stay in touch. xoxox

The Trend Spotter