Thursday, 19 May 2011

Glee moving to Sky

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Yesterday, I was devastated to hear the news that one of my all-time favourite shows, the magnificent and uplifting Glee, will be moving to Sky next season.

For those of you who are outside of the UK, Sky is a British broadcasting company and you have to pay for a subscription in order to view their channels. The first two seasons of Glee have been shown on a digital channel (free to see as long as you have a freeview box) called E4, then shown at sometime in the following week by its parent channel - Channel 4, which everyone gets.

I don't have Sky,which is why I am so upset. I look to Glee for a way to cheer myself up, discover new music and be inspired in terms of outfits. I know I can still buy the box set, but half the fun of it is that Glee is the first thing my friends and I discuss the morning after it was on. Yes. I'm aware that I am now sounding like a rather sad person whose life revolves around an American musical-comedy-drama. But I have other reasons to dislike this change.

Firstly, illegal downloads of Glee are just going to go up. OK, initially some people might decide to buy into Sky so they can see it, but it won't be just this one show that makes that decision for them - they will be the kind of people who have been considering it anyway. Hopefully, nobody is going to completely change their view on paying for TV subscriptions or shell out for something they cannot afford based on Glee alone.

Secondly, I think this is absolutely typical of Sky, who are also the reason I could no longer watch House after the 4th season. Taking the show off a free channel can only lose viewers. I'd love to continue ranting on this point, but I think my views are pretty much summarised by a commenter on the Guardian website: "Classic Sky tactic though. Miss the opportunity for the series first time round. Wait for a terrestrial/FTA to do the hard work and build up an audience in this country. Then, mid way through the series' life, swoop in and snatch it away. Series then disappears into obscurity with a fraction of the audience."
Eloquently put, blabla500

Finally, I am uneasy about the idea of big corporations taking over everything. I'm not the kind of person who claims that Apple is trying to brainwash us but I do find it a little scary when I realise how much power some big corporations have over how we spend our money and other aspects of our lives. That isn't just in technology or TV - think about major fashion design houses. One week they're showing their new collection in Paris, the next we are all wearing it or clothes with similar aspects to it. The difference is, we are aware of this pattern and marvel at how it can affect us. That is the nature of fashion. With Sky, they take a programme away from a channel and this forces us to buy into Rupert Murdoch's empire by subscribing to Sky.

What I say to you today is: don't fall for it! If you have already got Sky, then good for you. I hope you enjoy the new series but please try and be sensitive to friends without it. If you have already made the decision not to get Sky, don't change your mind now - you'll be doing what they want you to do.

Apologies for the lack of fashion-related content in this post. To say sorry, how about I show you some of my favourite outfits from Glee?


Cait said...

Bad news, I love glee so much but I don't have sky :( don't know what I'll do without my glee fix!

Haute World said...

I don't watch Glee, but I do know that Sky has a tendency to do this. In a way, they're not doing broadcasting services any favors, because I know so many people who just switched to illegally downloading House, when they took over. Either buy it from the start or don't buy it at all, but I agree, to take over between seasons is just off.