Friday, 27 May 2011

Trinity of summer trends: Tribal

Every year it's out with the old and in with the new. Every Spring/Summer season, the whole fashion industry right from designers to budget stores present us with what we should be wearing on holidays. While these new trends often have a kind of gimmick which differentiates them from eachother year on year, the same three styles remain the core or 'Holy Trinity' of the summer fashion world:

Tribal, Nautical and Floral

To illustrate each of these, I have made a collage. Today, we start with Tribal. A trend inspired by the furthest places of the world which sparkle with light and colour and sound. No wonder many a designer will create an exotic collection following a visit to Morocco or India or Peru. This trend will appeal to the more adventurous, travel-loving ones among you, and the glamorous, showy ones too. There are many ways to wear it, incorporating mini-trends like animal print, safari, military and even crossing over with floral. As long as those flowers are big and bright, they count as being part of both trends!

Key pieces:
Printed maxi dresses
Leather sandals or flip-flops
Chunky wooden jewellery
Colourful wraps or scarves

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