Friday, 6 May 2011

What's in my bag? - Punting in Oxford

Vintage bag from The Ballroom (oops, forgot to take off that thing that holds the label on)
Cream pashmina from the local market. My mother always says: never travel without a pashmina. This is sound advice.
A souvenir Map & Guide to Oxford. I've been to Oxford so many times, and yet could navigate no further than the high street - this map is beautifully illustrated AND helped inform my knowledge of the area.
An apple. You know, just in case.
'Kid', a book of poems by Simon Armitage. We have to study some of his poems for English so I thought I'd revise and look intellectual at the same time whilst reclining in my punt.
Home-made Germany 1919-1945 Top Trumps. Also for revising. Trust me, these really help you remember stuff.
My phone
No purse. It was only way after taking this photo that I noticed I had totally forgotten to take any money with me to Oxford! In fact, only when I found my purse on my dressing table did I realise!

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