Saturday, 18 June 2011

A lady goes to the theatre

Last Saturday, I went to a play called Moonlight and Magnolias, performed at the Watermill Theatre. The play was about the making of Gone With The Wind, a film which I have never seen, but having seen the excellent play I now want to watch it as soon as possible! As luck would have it, I am also going to the theatre this evening, to an improvised comedy musical.

All these trips out to the theatre tend to raise questions of etiquette and, perhaps most importantly, questions of what to wear. Well, this is where I come in with my copy of How to be a Lady by Candace Simpson Giles. Last time, I shared with you the etiquette of attending a birthday party, so this time, it is the theatre.

Of attending the theatre, Simpson-Giles says: "a lady makes every possible effort to be on time for the performance." That is why the first feature of my outfit was a watch, to ensure prompt arrival. I chose a gold one to match my favourite heels, as I think it is always appropriate to dress upfor an evening out. Added to the gold accessories was a small sequin purse with a shoulder strap. This was to hold ice-cream money and, if necessary, a phone, which must always be turned off during the performance. Also in the bag, one could bring tissues in case of a sneeze at a quiet moment in the play, and Simpson-Giles advises that: "A well-prepared lady has a cough drop in her purse". This can be extremely useful in case of a coughing fit.

So we've handled the accessories, but what do you wear on a night at the theatre? The classic and safe thing to throw on is always black - chic and simple. However, there are really no rules, but it is nice to dress up a bit, especially for the ballet or opera or something like that. The main thing is that you will be comfortable enough to sit down in what you're wearing for a good few hours. Heels should be fine, but if you've got standing tickets, you may need a change of shoes or just have to take them off.

And so concludes my second "A lady..." post. Did you enjoy it? Can you think of some more situations/events I should cover in the future?


Anonymous said...

I would die for your shoes, they're gorgeous!!! :)

Chrissy said...

Gone with the Wind is a must see movie. I highly recommend watching it. The novel is a great read as well.

Mo Dawidowicz said...

Great post and all over great blog.

I never have trouble if it comes to dressing to the theatre. I always choose a black dress, a blazer and ballerina flats. It is classy and comfortable.


Monika -