Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What's in my bag? - On a film set

School is finally over! Sort of.

I did my last exam yesterday, but there's still a leaver's assembly on Monday and I've volunteered to help with the making of a video about the school to enter a competition. Apparently there's a substantial prize fund! We assumed this was for us at first, and were only mildly disappointed when we discovered that it was in fact for the school.

It got me thinking though, what does one carry on a set? I've always assumed that the director or assistant director would be on hand with a bag of emergency things, but I imagine on the larger scale productions there is someone whose job it is to carry these. I settled on providing a mix of sustenance, useful stuff and the odd random object which may or may not have served a purpose.

Tin of cupcakes - I bought this tin the other day so I would have something to take spare cakes over to friends with and it's already been useful! My leftover chocolate cupcakes from a batch I made on Saturday (I meant to make 24... I got 41) served as our catering department for the day!

Camera - I'll admit, I didn't actually take this, I left it on the floor. Oops. But if I HAD remembered it, I would have used it to take behind-the-scenes snaps and kept as a back-up camera in case the others failed (it has a film mode)

Moleskine notebook & pencil - Very useful for making notes on what will need to be done next time and utterly stylish at the same time. The pencil is from La Musee et Jardin Christian Dior.

Make up bag - Just in case I had to be filmed. I didn't - thank goodness - apart from my hands, which I hope looked pretty good!


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