Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What's in my bag? - Trip to Melbourne

Sunnies - the sun is so bright and clear in Australia right now, despite the cold. These large sunglasses are essential for hiding tired eyes (I'm still a little jet- lagged) or protecting them from excessive light.

My new pink camera in it's case - I wasn't sold on the pinkness of this at first but I rather like it now and the size is perfect for my new bag.

Purse - I like how this purse attracts admiring glances when I produce it to pay for things. I like even more that I can occasionally brag about the matching items in my collection

Moleskine and a pencil - I'm trying to keep a travel journal but often things come to mind when you're without it. That's why I always carry a small and slim notebook to write down my thoughts and comments.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Things I have learnt from Legally Blonde

There is nothing worse than thinking your school day is over, signing out, and beginning to walk home when suddenly an absolutely torrential downpour of rain ensues. It's over after about 6 or 7 minutes, by which time I have been splashed by 2 cars, had to step in 5 ridiculously deep puddles, and possibly ruined my faux-suede black school shoes.

After all that, there can be no better remedy than coming home, changing out of my wet clothes, eating a toasted bagel and watching the ultimate feel-good movie: Legally Blonde. And as I did this, it got me thinking about all the things I know from having watched this movie about a thousand times. Not just law terms and classic quotes, but also moral messages which I think a lot of other films fail to put across without being preachy. This is my list of what I have learnt from Legally Blonde.

  • If someone tells you that a party is fancy-dress, make sure you check with the host before going for full-on playboy bunny wear
  • It is impossible to do a half-loop stitch on low-viscosity rayon. The fabric would snag
  • How to do the bend and snap

  • Aristotle once said: "The law is reason free from passion"
  • Never change who you are. Not for Harvard, not for a man, not for anyone. This is a valuable lesson which films like Grease fail to teach us.
  • You should really have a laptop on your first day of law school... but it doesn't have to be a boring one.

  • When school isn't going well, your ex is engaged to somebody else and you're thousands of miles from home, find a good manicurist. They will help you through.
  • Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't shoot their husbands.
  • The unlikeliest of sources can be transformed into the most amazing musicals

  • Never give up. Even if your law professor is a sleaze-bag.
  • Malum Prohibitum is a regulatory infraction as opposed to Malum In Se, a dangerous crime. Also, by definition, mens rea tells us that there can be no crime without a vicious will.
  • Enemies can often become friends, and people you think you're in love with can turn out to be total boneheads

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fashion Photography, Illustration and Film for Winchester Fashion Week

This year, thanks to a group of fashionable girls, many of whom went to the college I will be starting at in September, Winchester hosts its very first fashion week. Of course for me, this is hugely exciting. The downside? I will be in Australia for the entire duration of the event.

Obviously being in Australia is not a bad thing, but I was still thankful that I didn't have to miss out entirely. The exhibition to coincide with Fashion Week opened at the Theatre Royal Winchester last Monday so I managed to squeeze a quick viewing of it in on my last day in the country.

If you live in the South of England, or are perhaps near Winchester for any reason this Summer, check out all the things which are happening for Winchester Fashion Week from the 25th to 31st July 2011.

Friday, 8 July 2011

What's in my bag? - Flying to Australia

Toothbrush - I will be on the plane for the best part of a day in total. I don't much fancy not brushing my teeth in that time.
Cardigan and pashmina - Just a nice simple, grey one from Primark and a classic cream one from the market. Whenever I read about what stylists and editors and PR people take on trips with them, it's ALWAYS some sort of cardigan or pashmina to avoid getting cold under the air conditioning or when you arrive. I've gone for both to cover all bases. Of course, the kind of fash-packers in these interviews tend to go for some kind of Cashmere, but I think these will do the job fine.
Blogging book - That's the cream notebook near the top left with the little orange picture of dancing ladies. In here, I keep all my top secret ideas for future posts! It also reminds me of travelling because I got it from the gift shop at the ruins of Herculaneum in Italy. It features a wall painting from one of the buildings.
Simple Brightening Moisturiser - Of course, since this is a liquid, I'll have to put it in a plastic bag when i get there, but it's worth the trouble. I cannot rave about this product enough, but just to let you know its best features: It softens the skin; it visibly brightens your complexion and it contains SPF15. I love it.
Passport in an old-world-map holder - I found this holder at a fund-raising sale years ago. It appeals to my travelling aesthetic and sort-of matches my bag
The Third Day, The Frost by John Marsden - Where would I be without reading material? I once read almost an entire book during the time I was waiting at the airport and was on the plane - and that was just a short flight to France. I started this a while back and it's the third in a series called the Tomorrow Series. A film of the first one was recently released but I haven't seen it yet. Anyway, I devoured the first two books then burned out half-way through this one. I intend to have read it by the time I arrive...
Make up bag - Made to match my hand luggage bag. It contains a hairbrush, mirror, eye-shadow, eye-liner and mattifying powder. I'll also be taking some facial wipes so I can freshen up mid-flight.
US Vogue - How could I get by without it? I bought this a few days ago and have been trying very hard not to read all the articles before now, but I may have had a look at just a few... Hopefully I'll get upgraded to First Class for no reason and will end up sitting next to Anna Wintour, who will then see that I am reading the magazine and instantly offer me an internship.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Inspiration Wednesdays

OK, OK, I kind of forgot for the last couple of weeks. I'm sorry, I didn't realise how hard it would be since I'm so disorganised. Don't worry though, I've got a notebook with yellow paper now, and I feel much better-organised. Anyway, here's my selection of photos for this week


What's this? Pianos?? In the street??? Yes! It's all part of a project to allow members of the public to show off and was part of the Hat Fair on Saturday. I think they were probably inspired by this artist.

Just playing around with several cameras at once

Taken outside one of my favourite cafes, Ginger Two for Tea, which is also a home boutique

Others (Fall 2011 Shows Special)

I loved the sparkling theme to Lagerfeld's Chanel collection, but the show was stolen by this closing number. It looks like it's made of moonlight doesn't it?

I didn't like all of the Valentino show, some things were cut a little too boxlike I thought. And if they are a bit unflattering on models what on earth would the rest of us look like in them? But this dress has a beautiful flow and looks almost ethereal, while still showing off the figure.

Ellie Saab's collection is my favourite so far and will probably remain so. I adore the way each dress tells a story, with a stunning heroine at the centre of it: a mermaid, a princess, a bride. It was hard to pick a favourite piece but my eyes recognised the all-American features and subtly sassy attitude of Karlie Kloss and I could see that this is the one - just look at how it has the impression of being both  transparent and opaque at the same time. The detailing - I think - looks like confetti caught in a bridal veil.

What is your favourite collection this season so far?

Monday, 4 July 2011

It's here! (IFB Project 3)

If you happened to read this post back in April, you will already have known my all-consuming desire for this, the Paper Plane Overnight Bag by Disaster Designs. On Thursday, we ordered it online and by Saturday, it had arrived. It must have been some sort of fate that I then saw the new IFB project, to share something you've bought which makes you feel independent. Well, this is my epitome of independence. Allow me to explain why...

This bag is the perfect size to use as hand luggage on the majority of airlines, which is why it was the ideal purchase for my trip to Australia. I leave on Friday, and this will be the first time I have ever flown alone, add to that the fact that I'll be going to the other side of the world and I think I have good reason to be a little nervous! But there's something about this bag which lends itself to travelling. Well, not just something, everything about it is to do with maps and travel and flight, and this just makes me feel like a confident, independent traveller.

I can use this as an overnight bag, hand luggage, shopper, it can do anything really. And because of this, I feel like I can do anything, which is why I have chosen it as the item which makes me feel independent.

So, I now have the overnight bag, the purse and the make-up bag. I'm sure you'll agree that they all look very at home together, like a family portrait...

Now, I just need to buy the wash bag... and the passport holder... and the luggage label, oyster card holder, shopping bag, satchel, ladies wallet, compact mirror, flask, photo album...

Saturday, 2 July 2011

How to dress for Winchester Hat Fair

By its website's definition, Winchester Hat Fair is a 'celebration of street arts and outdoor performance'. It happens once a year in the first weekend of July and people flock from all over the world to perform and watch feats of comedy, acrobatics, circus skills and downright weirdness. At this time, absolutely anything goes in the city, so you can wear what you like, but here are my tips to be on the safe side...

1. Dress for comfort - you will be spending the majority of your day pushing through crowds of people, far more than there would be on an average day. You may also be forced to stand and watch most of the acts, so comfortable footwear is essential. The weather could turn at any moment, so it's good to be prepared for most eventualities, and a maxi dress should allow you some leighway.

2. Go with the flow - you will see some strange things. Yesterday, I watched from the window of a cafe as a man in a Roman helmet sat drinking a beer and reading the newspaper. This is fairly normal by hat fair standards. If you have an outlandish item of clothing which you've never had the nerve to wear at a normal event, this could be the perfect time to road test it.

3. Take cues from the performers - you know that no matter how weirdly you dress, there will always be someone else looking stranger. By taking inspiration from what the people in acts are wearing, you can then make the idea more subtle to suit what you want to do. Here are a few of my favourite costumes:

4. Wear a hat - well what would the hat fair be without one eh? And if you forget to bring yours, don't fret, there are plenty for sale...