Friday, 8 July 2011

What's in my bag? - Flying to Australia

Toothbrush - I will be on the plane for the best part of a day in total. I don't much fancy not brushing my teeth in that time.
Cardigan and pashmina - Just a nice simple, grey one from Primark and a classic cream one from the market. Whenever I read about what stylists and editors and PR people take on trips with them, it's ALWAYS some sort of cardigan or pashmina to avoid getting cold under the air conditioning or when you arrive. I've gone for both to cover all bases. Of course, the kind of fash-packers in these interviews tend to go for some kind of Cashmere, but I think these will do the job fine.
Blogging book - That's the cream notebook near the top left with the little orange picture of dancing ladies. In here, I keep all my top secret ideas for future posts! It also reminds me of travelling because I got it from the gift shop at the ruins of Herculaneum in Italy. It features a wall painting from one of the buildings.
Simple Brightening Moisturiser - Of course, since this is a liquid, I'll have to put it in a plastic bag when i get there, but it's worth the trouble. I cannot rave about this product enough, but just to let you know its best features: It softens the skin; it visibly brightens your complexion and it contains SPF15. I love it.
Passport in an old-world-map holder - I found this holder at a fund-raising sale years ago. It appeals to my travelling aesthetic and sort-of matches my bag
The Third Day, The Frost by John Marsden - Where would I be without reading material? I once read almost an entire book during the time I was waiting at the airport and was on the plane - and that was just a short flight to France. I started this a while back and it's the third in a series called the Tomorrow Series. A film of the first one was recently released but I haven't seen it yet. Anyway, I devoured the first two books then burned out half-way through this one. I intend to have read it by the time I arrive...
Make up bag - Made to match my hand luggage bag. It contains a hairbrush, mirror, eye-shadow, eye-liner and mattifying powder. I'll also be taking some facial wipes so I can freshen up mid-flight.
US Vogue - How could I get by without it? I bought this a few days ago and have been trying very hard not to read all the articles before now, but I may have had a look at just a few... Hopefully I'll get upgraded to First Class for no reason and will end up sitting next to Anna Wintour, who will then see that I am reading the magazine and instantly offer me an internship.

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janetlynne said...

So cool to read that you are ready to hang out, upside down, across the other side of the sky. Meow