Saturday, 20 August 2011

Blogger Tool Kit (IFB Project)

Camera - This must be at the heart of every blogger's tool kit. I don't use this one all the time (and obviously didn't use it to take this photo) but I like to take this one out when I'm photographing a particular event or person as it looks more professional.

Current magazines - Seen here is the September Issue of Australian Harper's Bazaar. I just had to buy it as it combines one of my favourite photographers, Victor Demarchelier, with one of my favourite models, Karlie Kloss. I am always keeping abreast of fashion through publications such as Instyle, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar so that I can comment on them in posts. I also like to find smaller, more Indie magazines such as 1883 and Yen because they can give you a good alternate viewpoint on what is happening in fashion today.

Watches - Obviously useful for knowing the time, but why have two? Well, it can be useful when I'm in a productive blogging mood to set things up to post later on. There are certain 'peak times' when they are bound to get more views, but since the majority of my readership is split across two time zones, it can be tricky deciding when to put them up. This is why I occasionally wear two watches, one on London time, one on New York time, then I can decide what will be best for both areas.

Glasses - I don't actually require glasses at all. But every now and then I crave the seriousness and sophistication which can come from wearing a pair of thick black frames, so I steal these Gucci ones from my mother.

Notebook - Many times an idea for a post or article has struck me when I have been without my sacred blogging book, which I keep at home for safety most days. Fortunately, I tend to carry a smaller notebook with me at all times for jotting down ideas. This one came from one of the stationery shops I became obsessed with when in Australia: Typo.

Teen Vogue handbook - I'm pretty sure I've raved about this since as far back as some of my first few posts. It's great for flicking through for inspiration, or working on your photography with advice from Patrick Demarchelier, or even just casually reading over a coffee and snack (I do that a lot). If you haven't got a copy yet and want to work or even already work in the fashion industry, I urge you to order one immediately.

USB stick - Undoubtedly the easiest way to transfer files from one computer to another.

Handbag - Not quite big enough for all of this stuff to fit in, but perfect for essentials (purse, phone, keys) and maybe a notebook, camera and a copy of teen vogue. All will fit snugly inside and I can be on my way to the next exciting and stylish adventure.


Unknown said...

:)I think wearing 2 watches is good idea for bloggers:)

I also listen your advice and decide to order teen vogue handbook:)

best wishes from istanbul

Plami said...

Great tool kit! Looks a lot like mine! Only that I have a lot of make up as well :)


Em said...

Awesome tool kit, I adore this week's IFB project!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I still haven't read the Teen Vogue handbook, but I've heard so many great things about it.

the trainee mum said...

Wow - the two watch approach is genius! Love it :)

Great post.

Raijean of said...

Give me that


FAIZA said...

Great Post & Blog!! Found you through IFB...;)
Faiza xo

Julia said...

that notebook looks like a moleskine; it's my favourite type of notebooks. You should check out their Style journal - I am completely obsessed with that one! I posted about it here:

I'm sure every fashion blogger would love that journal!