Saturday, 27 August 2011

Evolution of Fashion Media (IFB Project)

I'm really starting to get into IFB projects now! Every time I feel stuck for a post idea, a project comes along and I jump on it. This week's challenge is to show the evolution of fashion media through a list of your top ten magazines/fashion sites/blogs. I have risen to the challenge and am looking forward to sharing some of my favourite sites with you.

1- Teen Vogue

I must have ranted about Teen Vogue enough on this blog by now, but in case you haven't seen that, my main reason for loving this magazine is its stark contrast to publications aimed at teenagers in the UK. Far from being patronising on any subject from style to stress, TV addresses the reader as an equal on both intellectual and creative levels.

It must be for this reason that so many of its readers start out young and carry on buying it right through to their college years. It is mature but without losing its appeal to the younger market. 

This year, I will no longer have to wear uniform to school, and will hopefully be sharing the outfits I do wear on this blog. The August issue of Teen Vogue has given me countless ideas from its back-to-school style pages

When I first heard that Lauren Conrad had set up a beauty site, I probably rolled my eyes and moved on with my day. It wasn't until recommendations started popping up on other blogs which I read that curiosity took me to The Beauty Department.

In collaboration with her make-up artist and hair stylist, Lauren has made what I can only describe as a godsend. I am totally clueless when it comes to hair and make-up. Clothes, I can do, but when it comes to hair curlers, I'll run a mile before attempting to use them.

The easy-to-follow tutorials have saved me from looking like I've just rolled out of bed in many a blog photo!

3- John Lewis Edition
Again, something I have extolled the virtues of countless times, especially in my post about in-store magazines. If you don't live in the UK, I doubt you will have come across John Lewis or indeed Edition. Basically, it is a big department store with several branches across the country and a clientele of rather middle-class people.

Edition is a free publication which you can pick up in any store and I can honestly say it is the best free magazine I've ever come across. Despite an obvious bias towards their own products, the fashion spreads are often on par with other, glossier fashion mags. They've also managed to nab some big names like Jess Cartner-Morley for their fashion column and Toby Young to do interviews. The variety of the content is always bound to give me an idea for a new post.

The Simply Luxurious Life is a fairly recent discovery, probably discovered through another blog's list of what they were reading that week. Since then, I have been addicted to their go-getting attitude and commitment to ladylike elegance at the same time.

Of course, the very purpose of the blog is an inspiration, the constant quest for luxury, no matter what your budget, is something I firmly believe in. I also have to say that, despite my blog having 'fashion' in the title, I am prone to talking about food, travel, books etc. SLL moves between all these topics seamlessly and I would like to aim for a similar balance with my writing. In short, I admire SLL in the way I would a big sister if I had one.

Mainly I check out the London pages, especially in the run-up to a trip up there for the Theatre or an exhibition etc. However, in the month or so leading up to my flight from Heathrow to Sydney, I was constantly checking for updates on what people were wearing in Melbourne and Sydney, desperate not to be picked out as "not from round these parts".

If you don't already visit street peeper, it's main advantage is that it shows you how to wear current catwalk trends in an everyday way, through the example of people on the street. You will always find me browsing the site on a day when I just cannot think what to wear, it's the perfect antidote to lack of fashion inspiration.

Whenever my family happen to buy a Sunday Times, I rip straight into the supplements and fish out the Style section. It's probably the best fashion supplement in any of the newspapers and I love a flick through its pages on a Sunday morning.

But we're not subscribers to the Sunday Times, and sometimes I miss out on having this week's issue in my hands. This is where the website comes in. Plenty of the feature that I will have missed are shortly available online, with the added bonus of behind-the-scenes videos and links to other articles and web pages. If you like ST Style, you should follow them on twitter too for updates and so on.

7- Fashion Gone Rogue
Do you want to see editorial shoots from the world's best magazines, photographers and models, often before that issue is available in your country? Look no further than Fashion Gone Rogue. It's perfect for inspiration when putting together an outfit or maybe even taking photos for a blog post.

I find it is a good way for deciding which magazines to buy this month, based on their main fashion spread. This is a particularly helpful tool in September! Plus, you can still enjoy the shoot and keep up with the work of your favourite stylists, models and photographers without buying every single magazine.

8- Instyle
My first issue of InStyleHudgens July 2009 issue. I probably bought it mainly for the free beach bag that came with it, but since then, I have read and re-read that copy. I loved the in-depth interviews with admirable women such as Michelle Obama, I loved the sophisticated travel section which included tips on what to pack and I loved the inclusion of British talent who I had previously thought were unknown to everyone but me.

Since December 2009, I haven't missed an issue. Sometimes I toy with switching to something else, but then the BAFTA issue comes out (InStyle hosts the official BAFTA after-party) and all those new young British actors and actresses get featured in their fashion spreads. I don't think I'll stop reading it for a while to come.

When I'm bored and feeling like I need a creative outlet which doesn't involve my fingers getting covered in paper cuts and glue, I head to fashion finder.

You can create outfits, personalise your profile (mine is pictured) and surf the best new products from one of the largest online fashion stores around. ASOS is definitely thinking in the right direction, by combining shopping, blogging, inspiration and social networking all on one site. I think that this kind of thing will be the future of fashion media. If you would like to know more about it, you could read the post I wrote when the site first opened.

10- Vogue
I buy too many magazines. It's a shame that there can be such a thing as too many, but it's true. Sometimes though, I can't resist a bit of the old favourite. I've pretty much limited myself to one copy of Vogue every two months and I waver between the British and American editions. Again, I like the intelligence in many of the articles, which someone who has never read it may not expect.

But the main reason that I, and many others buy it, is its history, reputation and standing at the top of the fashion food chain. I think you always remember your first Vogue. Mine was last October, about to board a flight to Naples on a school trip and I needed reading material. Spotting Carey Mulligan, one of my favourite actresses, on the front of the American edition, I picked it up and bought it. After the two-hour flight, I had practically devoured every word. Vogue is something which will stand the test of time and the onslaught of the digital age, no matter how many fashion blogs there are.


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