Friday, 26 August 2011

My pick of The Spring/Summer Sales

The time has come to stow the light fabrics and open shoes away in the back of the wardrobe and open up dusty boxes full of oversized sweaters and trench coats. I have to admit, I prefer Autumn/Winter as a season, it just seems like the cold opens up more opportunities for layers etc. However, I do miss the summer clothes, and sometimes have trouble finding the ones I want for a decent price when Spring rolls around again.

If you suffer from the same problem, why not take advantage of end-of-season sales and stock up on some great pieces now for a low price? Of course, we cannot always predict the trends which will emerge by next year, but some basics just never go out of style, and can be easily updated with new accessories at the time.

In my picks of the sales (mainly available only to the UK, but some may be shipped overseas) I have gone for classic Summer shades, white and tan, which tend to go with everything. Once you have your timeless classics, go wild in the accessories department et voila! You are ready to be queen of the Spring/Summer scene.

1. Mango Pointelle Knit Maxi Dress now just £13 from ASOS. I think a good maxi dress is essential. Yes, they have their high and low points in fashion, but you can't deny that they are ideal for unpredictable British summer and also the best choice when going out for a meal on holiday when you are unsure of the dress code. This one can easily be used as a cover-up on the beach, a day dress for sight-seeeing or dressed up and worn to that lovely little restaurant round the corner.

2. Kate Spade Pocomo Gwen, marked down from $225 to $112. I adore this bag. It is obviously perfect for a blogger or photographer, but could also be useful just for holding your camera when you're not taking holiday snaps. It's a pretty high price for such a small bag, but I know if I had the money to spare, this would be completely irresistable to me.

3. Clemens en August Cotton Blend Wrap Skirt, discounted from £355 to £106.50 at the Outnet. This is definitely an investment buy for around June when everyone goes mad for all things tennis. Even if you don't play, you can still emulate Maria Sharapova in this classy number.

4. H&M Wedges now £14.99. I have had the same wedges for nigh on three years now. I love them to bits, literally. And since they were second-hand to begin with, I'm not sure they are going to last much longer. Thus, I am on the hunt for a suitable successor to them, which must be tan, fairly high but comfortable (I could run across a field at a decent speed in my old ones) and these seem to be a pretty good replacement. I'll have to try them on in store but the price has already won me over.

5. Johnique by the Desert Child Feather Necklace now £20 from Urban Outfitters. OK, maybe it's not a timeless classic, BUT my theory is that it makes such a statement that it can never be either in or out of fashion. It is just a flamboyant piece which, if nothing else, will start a few conversations. Plus, what could be better for a Summer festival?

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