Monday, 29 August 2011

Who says I have to wear black?

As I was browsing the new posts which had appeared overnight in my blog feed and sipping my morning coffee, I came across this photo of Emma Watson on The Vogue Diaries. Up until now, I had been preparing myself for autumn/winter with plain transitional pieces in brown, navy blue, and of course, black. Granted, the picture of Emma was taken in LA, where even their winter is bound to be warmer than most days in British summer, but it inspired me. Why should we hide in all our darkest clothes all winter? The world is going to seem grey enough without what we wear adding to the gloom. Of course, the classic LBD and black blazer are must-haves, but I think by now we all know the good a little injection of colour can do.

Therefore, perhaps a set of 3 basic principles is in order. I would like to share with you my view on what those principles are, with a little help from some of my favourite street-style photographers. Prepare yourself for the 'Three Fs' of wearing colour in Winter

1. Faded
taken by Phil Oh of Street Peeper
OK, so not all of us have enough of Emma's confidence to carry off that lime green number, but colour can still be flaunted all through winter without the risk of looking like a road worker. If you want to ease into the trend, try some muted shades like mustard, maroon and forest green. This lovely young gentleman obviously know that, in order to stand out from the greyness of London in the rain, he needs this pop of a mustard-coloured shirt. It also goes well with the blue, demonstrating how you can wear your winter staple colours with a stylish flash of colour here and there.

2. Fashion
from Tres Awesome
September is the most exciting time to be taking inspiration from the catwalks, but as we all know, the best outfits often take an element of what we see on the runway and downplay it. When searching for a way to get your hit of bright colour, perhaps look at what your favourite designer is doing. This lady seems to have taken a cue from Christopher Kane, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang or someone else showing cute clutches this season and introduced a perfectly complimentary shade of orange into her outfit. Try a bag or scarf if you are worried about overdoing it. Notice also that she is wearing nude shoes, just as Emma was in her dress, which can help to reduce the OTT impact of colour.

3. Fun
by Wallace Chapman of Street and City Photos
My favourite thing about autumn/winter has to be coats. All different cuts, lengths, materials and of course, colours. When aiming for high-impact colour, this girl know the way to go: colour-blocking with a gorgeous shade, then breaking all the rules by wearing an almost-but-not-quite-matching bag. Then, as if to cement her rebellious attitude, she adds a pair of blue wayfarers. It's always good to know the rules of fashion, as it allows you to break them properly.


AMD said...

I agree - let's inject some colour into our fall palettes! No reason to hibernate in dark hues for the Fall/Winter! I am in love with Emma Watson's mustard-lime dress!

xxAnnie - Stylish shifts I design and sew with an emphasis on versatility, comfort and flattering ensembles.

Jillian said...

Agreed! I always try to sport bright colors in the winter. It makes a drab season feel more fun and light.

Vanessa Lu said...

emma watson's gorgeous!