Monday, 19 September 2011

Personalising your winter coat

Often during the Autumn/Winter season, it can seem that everyone is wearing the same coat as you. Whether this is because it is the latest must-have from the collections or because it is a timeless investment piece which everyone has a version of, it can be a bit annoying. Especially when you love your coat so much and feel like you should stand out in it. I believe the key to standing out (in a good way) is to have total confidence in your outfit, and often when a coat comes into the mix, it is about making it appear that you have been wearing it all your life. There are a few tricks you can use to do this, so allow me to share 7 of the best with you...

Roll the sleeves up
Stylists have known this trick since the dawn of fashion, and it is already in common use for blazers, jumpers and anything which needs that personal touch. It is particularly useful for anything with quite masculine tailoring, as it appears to fit better to your body. Plus, how else are you going to show off your arm candy?

Let it hang open
Though your coat is obviously an essential part of your outfit, you probably don't want to cover up the rest of the clothes which you painstakingly picked out this morning. If you have a trench coat or other coat with a belt you can tie, try tying it at the back to both keep the belt out of the way and create a subtle waistline. This will also prevent the coat from slipping forward and covering up your outfit.

Don't do up the buckle
You want to stand out, right? Everyone will be wearing the coat as it is supposed to be worn, so mix it up a bit! Knot it, tuck it in your pockets, take it off. I tend to tie it at the back as this accentuates the waistline and stops it getting in the way. Do what you will, but never take the trouble to do the buckle up all perfectly. After all, you are a busy woman, and if you have time to do your coat up properly, people will begin to assume that you can handle all the demands they place on you. It all adds up you see.

Use a different belt
Often trench coats come with a belt which is the same colour and material as the coat, and this can cause problems when attempting to create a striking silhouette. By using another colour like red or blue, you can draw attention to the waist, which will now be neatly cinched in. This is where I go back on what I said previously - this time it's best to do up the buckle. It will create a better line and show off any features of your chosen belt to full advantage.

Put a scarf on under the collar
Strangely, I picked this trick up while watching the largely forgotten Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine film, Just My Luck. As you can see in the photo, she wears a silk scarf under the collar of her coat. This is then tucked into the belt, but you can only see that in later scenes. Though her incarnation is perhaps a little girly for some, the basic principle can look very stylish when executed properly.

Wear something sequinned underneath
We all know that Winter is less about throwing strange colour combinations together and more about trying out different textures against eachother. I have a bit of a soft spot for all things sequinned, embellished or sparkly and the contrast between these and the smoothness of a trench or heaviness of a wool coat makes for a dazzling effect. Only let a little bit show through and let the curiosity of others do the rest.

Hang it on your shoulders
WEather is unpredictable (especially in England) so you never know when you will need to throw on a coat and put up your umbrella when the net second you could be throwing off your coat and putting on your sunglasses. On a practical level, draping your coat over your shoulders without using the sleeves is handy for quick-change weather. It also looks incredibly stylish and perhaps a little bit dapper. If dapper is the look you're going for, try it.


Angela Leberte said...

great suggestions!!!


Jillian said...

Love these tips! I think I might try using a different belt on mine. After a while, I get pretty bored wearing the same coat over and over again. It's nice to change up the look every so often.

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