Saturday, 24 September 2011

Some links for your coffee break

I don't feel so good today, emotionally or physically. My dress sense also seems to be taking a brief holiday so I think a fashion post might be a bit of a stretch. I am hoping to go into town either today or tomorrow and visit Cafe Monde, my favourite place in the city, to have a Mini Mighty Mocha. They are such a gorgeous treat, which always look amazing (as you can see above) but don't last me very long (as you can see below!)

What do you do on a day when feel a bit... bleurgh? So far, I've found that being productive helps, though I can't keep that up for too long. Also, putting on a great CD (I have Vampire Weekend playing right now) or film can make you feel better. I'm thinking the best remedy might be some fresh autumnal air though, so I'm on my way out any minute now.

Even better, why not grab your own mocha and browse my list of the best articles from the past couple of weeks? If you're also having a bad day, I promise they'll lift your mood instantly!

Top 10 shirts and blouses at The Guardian website

An interview with Jane Lynch (aka, the best thing about Glee, Sue Sylvester) in the LA Times Magazine

Why not... be more productive? on The Simply Luxurious Life's review of the 3.1 Phillip Lim Show S/S 2012

The Beauty Department: Fall For This

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