Thursday, 8 September 2011

What's in my bag? -Running errands

I often feel like I want to use a clutch for day instead of evening, but I usually decide against it in favour of something more practical. However, the day came when I decided that it was never going to be practical to take a clutch into town with me, so I should just do it. This is a mock reptile-skin yellow clutch which I got from my favourite vintage shop in Oxford, The Ballroom.

Library Card -I've been eyeing up the book To Die For by Lucy Siegle for a while, but have never been in a bookshop which stocks it at the same time as having enough money on me. When I spotted a copy in my local library, I knew it was the perfect solution

Shopping list -I decided to make a marshmallow bar thing, so I had to have the ingredients. The shopping went smoothly, the baking was... unsuccessful!

Phone -where would I be without my trusty, out-dated, had it since I was 13 mobile? Only after leaving it at home when I was in Australia can I now appreciate how perfectly sized it is to fit inside my hand.

Hair clip -for emergencies when my hair would need to be put up, and this is the nicest-looking way to do it. One never knows when one may be expected to attend a formal event!

Cash -But of course, how is one to go shopping without money? It is like playing tennis with no racket.

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