Wednesday, 19 October 2011

4 ideas for a fabulous party

I love parties. Not the "let's-get-a-6-pack-and-sit-around-in-someone's-lounge" ones, more the whimsy, creative, sparkling, glamorous, memorable, colourful ones. The ones in which everything is utterly fabulous. I will be hosting a party on Saturday, so in the preparations have been stumbling across many gorgeous entertaining and food blogs. I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite ideas, which I'm going to try and incorporate into my dinner party. All image sources can be found through my board on Pinterest

Have a photo booth
Perfect for capturing the best moments of the party, without having to stress about taking any pictures yourself. After all, you have other things to worry about. It can also provide a bit of an icebreaker, especially if you provide hats, scarves or masks for the guests to try on and be photographed in. Alternatively, you could get a few cheap disposable cameras and scatter them around the guests who will capture several completely different perspectives of the event.

Move the party outside

OK, so it's Autumn. Don't let that hold you back, you can have a party outside in mid-Winter if you like! Just tell the guests to wrap up warm and serve lovely hot drinks and food. I like mulled wine for a festive gathering. If possible, you could even have a bonfire to provide heat to everyone with the added bonus of being able to toast marshmallows on it!

Wear something sparkly
As the hostess (or host) it is essential that you wear something striking, but not too difficult to manage throughout the party. Long trains, flowing chiffons and tops that tend to fall down are too risky, so go for a dress or top in an easy cut, but covered in sequins! If you feel this is a little full on for you, just add an embellished waistcoat for a similar effect.


Confetti, balloons, candles, whatever you choose! This is where you can let your imagination run wild as far as your budget allows. One word of advice though, the most striking party layouts often stick to one neutral base colour, like white or grey, and one or two hi-lighting colours like pink or yellow. Otherwise, feel free to run amock in the party supplies store!

Good luck with your event, however big or small it may be!


Jillian said...

LOVE the photo booth idea! In fact, I always thought of having one for my future wedding (whenever that may be, haha). I just think they're so much fun and inspire goofiness in people (which I'm all for!).

Constance said...

I love your vision of party!!!! I have the same!