Sunday, 23 October 2011

Last night in pictures

My table layout, decorated by the picture from the Fashion Moriarty header

Me setting up the photo booth
I had each of the guests get their picture taken with a hat from the prop box. Above is just a selection from the range of sometimes gorgeous, sometimes funny photos that we got. As you can see, the red hat was rather a favourite of the evening! Once all the individual photos were done, it rather descended into chaos...

Issy, me and Evie... yeah

But dinner was a sophisticated and, dare I say it, romantic occasion which went very well. Sam Stern's recipe for bruschetta as a starter, a BBC goodfood spaghetti bolognese and finally a Hummingbird bakery cheesecake for dessert! Unfortunately, most of it disappeared before I could take a picture, but I think the pictures around the table show that everyone was contented.

Oscar & Evie pretending to be married
All of us

Then it was straight back into chaos...
Oscar's reaction to the suggestion that we watch Inception


Anonymous said...

That guy Matt is hawt! Especially in the hat

MalanB said...

I really like the makeshift photo booth idea. My favorite photo is Oscar's reaction, fabulous.