Monday, 10 October 2011

My outfit today

Autumn is practically upon us! Well, at least the mornings feel like winter but by lunchtime it feels like summer, so logically, we must be somewhere in between. I got way too hot in this equestrian-inspired outfit by midday but it was useful in the freezing morning air. I chose this combination because it featured camel and forest green, two of autumn's best colours, plus I bought the jumper yesterday and wanted to put it to good use. It turns out every girl in the world has the exact same jumper, so I'll be sewing some suede elbow pads onto it to customise. The jacket is an old piece from Monsoon. It has sewn-up pockets which annoys me a bit as I want somewhere to put a pocket-watch, but it does give the whole thing a nice silhouette.

How are you making the autumnal transition?

Jacket - Vintage Monsoon
Jumper - Primark
Tank top (under jumper) - Primark
Jeans - Assign

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Elly said...

what a pretty knitted jumper, they're so stylish and snuggly this winter:)
xo Elly @