Thursday, 24 November 2011

Style Icon: Jane Keltner de Valle

For anyone who doesn't know, Jane Keltner de Valle is the fashion news editor for Teen Vogue. If you have read an issue of the magazine, you may recognise her as the writer of the column Fashion Blogger, which you can read here. She is also a favourite of street style photographers due to her pristine and polished look, which I think keeps her looking professional whilst still maintaining that spark of creativity which is essential to her job.

I have been drawn to her aesthetic of late because it's getting pretty chilly here in England, and I'm finding it difficult to keep stylish without freezing my limbs off. Jane has several ideal outfits for traipsing through a cold Paris when she goes to see the shows and I have found valuable inspiration in many of her choices.

Anyone who reads her column on a regular basis will also know that Jane tends to avoid trousers almost as arule. While there is nothing wrong with trousers, I find that winter can often start a pattern of cold mornings resulting in boring jeans-and-jumper combinations. I love how she keeps her femininity the focus of all her outfits. While searching the internet for street style shots of her, I stumbled across her entry on The Coveteur. I tell you, who could resist the style of a woman with a wardrobe like this?

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