Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What to wear on a photoshoot

Above is a photo of Jane Keltner de Valle at Paris fashion week, trying her hand at being a street style photographer. What's good about her outfit is its simplicity - a no-brainer piece which needs little or no accessories with an elegantly French air about it. Of course, a street style photgrapher must give off an air of being stylish and creative, but perhaps not to the extent that they drown out the style of their subject, so the bright, bold blue of this dress is ideal. Finally, the shoes are classic, well-made and completely practical. Nobody wants to be running in 6-inchers when they are late for a shoot!

Let's take a look at what photographers wear and what makes their outfits so fitting.

The accessories - Garance

Check out that roomy bag! Perfect for bringing all your kit with you without looking too bulky or unstylish. I also love her watch, which just screams expensive without being ostentatious, plus it has the practical element of ensuring she is on time to shows. And don't overlook the value of a small notebook and working pen (with a back-up just in case it runs out) for jotting down numbers, names and addresses.

The coat - Scott

I believe that this photo was taken in London, so it makes sense that Scott might need a warm cover-up. Something dark and well-cut can cover almost any outfit and still look sophisticated. This will probably be particularly useful during February fashion week in London, because it will be COLD.

The dress - Micol
I love this dress. I don't know if it's vintage, designer or what but it is so delicately pretty that I can't help but lust over it. I think this is an ideal thing to pack for a shoot because it requires no thought when you need to get up early - just throw it on! Plus, it looks like it's keeping Micol cool here, but I bet you could easily trasfer it to Autumn/Winter with a pair of tights and fur jacket. If you see something as gorgeous but also functional as this, invest at once!

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windyar said...

This post is really interesting. I've never thought about the style of the photographers. I have some friends who are studying photography right now and they dress really stylishly, but like you said, they don't put a shadow over their subjects.