Friday, 23 December 2011

How to accept all presents gracefully

Prepare a surprised and gleeful face in the mirror, one which looks spontaneous and genuine even when it's the exact same thing they got you last year, or something unidentifiable, or a pair of socks. Make sure to open your eyes wide and your mouth wider, then smile brightly. Remember, eyes and teeth darling. Eyes and teeth.

Don't just say the same thing to every present because people will start to notice if you exclaim that every gift you receive is "just what I always wanted!" Instead, just think of a few adjectives which could describe bad presents you've had in the past without offending anybody: "interesting", "very colourful" and "well that's just blown my mind" can all be useful.

Thank them sincerely and offer the hug/kiss/slap-on-back/nod that is appropriate to your relationship. It shows a certain amount of gratitude which spontaneously causes you to show affection.

Look at it and play around with it for a suitable amount of time before moving on to the next present. If you just rip it open, say "oh that's lovely" and discard it in favour of the bigger, shinier gift at your feet, you are acting like a petulant child from a home video TV show. Take some time to appreciate either the amount of thought that they went to or perhaps the stress when they couldn't think of anything and had to buy you this instead.

Remember, whether the gift is good or bad, a surprise or exactly what you were expecting, it does nobody any good to show disappointment to one gift and over-excitement at another. Christmas is not the time to upset anyone. Especially whoever's carving the turkey. They have a big knife.

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LoveE ♥ said...

Haha good advice hun, it's more often than not that I have to use all of these tips!

Oh, and Merry Christmas! :)

Unknown said...

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