Friday, 6 January 2012

If you only buy 12 magazines this year...

I don't know about you, but sometimes I can go overboard with how many magazines I buy in a month. I have my regulars, but then I also have semi-regulars, occasionals and the odd impulse buy. I don't need them all. The thing is, I always worry about missing out on something one month which turned out to be really good. It got me thinking: if I could only buy one magazine for every month, which ones would they be? This list is the conclusion I came to. Perhaps if your new year's resolution was "buy fewer magazines", then you'd like to have a look too.

January - Vogue Paris
Many would argue that Paris is the best Vogue for editorials. I think there is definitely some truth in this, which is why it is ideal to get your hands on a copy of the Decembre/Janvier issue to kisckstart your year in terms of style inspiration.

February - InStyle
I plan my whole year around InStyle's hot list - the magazine's picks of the best trends, actors, films, exhibitions, plays, events and music acts. Normally, I pick one movie, on exhibition and one band to check out. This year it was Black Swan, Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A and Warpaint. The year before was Alice in Wonderland, Grace Kelly at tthe V&A and Marina & the diamonds. I wonder what this year will bring?

March - Elle
After September, March is the most crucial month in fashion. If you only have one magazine to get updated on the latest looks and trends for spring/summer choose Elle. Its features neatly and accurately predict what the hottest styles will be so that you become an expert on the season just as it begins.

April - Nylon
I know that March is supposed to be the beginning of Spring, but April is when things really start to brighten up. I think this month calls for something vibrant and young, with a good dose of movie reviews so you know what to see when April showers start. Nylon fits all these criteria, and often has the best cover stars too.

May - Cosmo
Now, by May you might be starting to think about Summer. In fact some of our hottest days last year were on the Mayday weekend, so the need for shorts and skirts and - dare I say it - swimsuits will begin to become obvious. Cosmo always has more of a health/fitness approach than many other magazines, but it is also big on encouraging confidence, which as we all know is the best accessory.

June - Glamour
Glamour often has a list of "Top 50..." in its issues, but the June one has the best. Top 50 Best-Dressed  Celebrities (focusing on women but with top 10s of men and couples at the sides) is actually really interesting to look through, and whoever's style wins is bound to become a defining image of the year. Last year was Emma Watson, who toppled Cheryl Cole for the top spot. Who will be the best-dressed of 2012.

July - Company
Company is small and fairly light, perfect for carrying with you to the beach, on sightseeing trips or just out to a picnic in the park. It is also very up to date on what the hot music acts are right now, usually featuring a guid to the best festivals this summer, and they know what is big in festival fashion (though in my opinion festival fashion hasn't really changed since the 60s).

August - Harper's Bazaar Australia
This may seem like an odd choice for most readers (those in the northern hemisphere anyway) as any Australian August issue will obviously be filled with Winter looks. my logic on this one is that you'll be able to pick what you need for the next season in summer sales and while in interesting locations on holiday. After all, you're not likely to be in that place for long, you might as well plan ahead and stock up on individual finds.

September - Vogue US
I suppose kind-of an obvious one, but you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to buy the phonebook that is The September Issue. I bought my first one this year and it something I will keep for a long time to come. If you'd like to read my review of this year's September issues, click here.

October - Teen Vogue
Now, I love Teen Vogue, but the reason I've chosen it for October comes down to just two words: Young Hollywood. The best photographers and stylists come together to shoot the creme de la creme of young acting talent, often in an unusual location (2010 featured actors such as Logan Lerman and Hailee Steinfeld in preppy outfits sitting at desks and wondering around what appeared to be a 1950s High School). If you like keeping up with what's hot in the world of film and television, this is a must.

November - Marie Claire
I have no particular reason for this other than that I got the November 2010 issue (with Lea Michele on the cover) and really liked it.

December - Vogue UK
Alexandra Schulman is famous for her themed December issues. The cover is often stunning, this year was Gisele getting in the party spirit with a bunch of balloond and the year before was Emma Watson looking every inch the Christmas angel and debuting her new hair to the world. Plus it has all the best ideas on where to find stylish gifts.

Most of these are based on the UK edition of the magazine unless there is no UK edition or if otherwise stated.


Becky said...

I'm obsessed with magazines too!

I'd argue that July is the best Glamour issue to buy as that's when they have their annual Benefit free gift. Just make sure you get your copy the day it comes out or you'll never get one. (This year I made the mistake of entrusting my partner to get me one whilst I was in Spain... I never got my Posie Tint)


badBarbara said...

I wish I could buy all those every month, but I don't have the time to read them :/

Mallory In New York said...

That's tough! I think the key to cutting back on magazine spending is to subscribe... its saves so much money! I probably subscribe to 25 magazines regularly, and (somehow) find time to read them all! My top five are definitely Elle, Nylon, Glamour, Marie Claire, and InStyle. :)

Anonymous said...

i spend so much on magazines.. Grazia, glamour and Vogue are my guilty pleasure though ELLE is my monthly bible!

Am now following!

Country Mouse said...

On a recent trip to paris BH picked up a magazine called Citizen K International with some amazing fashion shots - will try to pass it on to you via MS

slwilson said...

Love this post! I buy British Vogue each month and don't think I would be able to bring myself to cut back so I don't get it any more but I think I am going to try and follow this as well. The only problem is that the January issue of Paris Vogue would have been on sale in December so I think its too late to get it now. Also, do you know anywhere in the UK where you can get Australian Harper's Bazaar? xx

Emmylou said...

That's a pretty great list. It would actually be nice to buy and read them all every month:)

Abby said...

Love this! Thank you!!! :)

Urban Fashionisto said...

Great post!!

Dana said...

i love this post! this is a really great and helpful list!!

Unknown said...

I love how you broke down mags to buy by month, I have a habit of collecting magazines. I read about 12 a month, which is why I subscribed to Maghound, which allows you pay them a monthly service fee depending on the number of magazines you want to subscribe to I must say they have saved me A lot of money over these past 2 years. I had planned to blog about magazines on my blog tomorrow, interesting I have come cross your blog today. :-)

Anja said...

loving the magazine list! Might actually follow it exactly this way :) The only one I don't really need is Company, which one do you recommend instead?!

Unknown said...

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