Monday, 9 January 2012

In defence of cupcakes...

I was recently reading my copy of the brilliant Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook and was just having a look at the dessert section when I read her comments on cupcakes. You see, living in New York City, Mireille has had the opportunity of passing that bakery from Sex and the City. She claims that not only are the cupcakes there full of disgusting amounts of sugar, fat etc. but that the customers don't savour their cakes at all: "people emerging victorious after their twenty minutes on line with a cupcake or more and then devouring it in under two minutes (more like one minute) flat out, right there on the street outside the shop. Forget the pleasure factor; that’s not savoring or experiencing pleasure. That’s a quick fix."

Now, I accept that quick fixes high in sugar and other addictive/ unhealthy ingredients cannot be good for your body. And I don't dispute that she may have seen the odd SATC fan desperate to experience the same Red Velvet that they know Carrie always enjoyed on the show. The thing is, I think that the girls on the show always seem to be discussing some important heart matter (or hot new crush) and so have to eat their cupcake slowly purely for the sake of the conversation.

In addition to that, I suspect that a certain degree of hype has affected how people relate to the Magnolia Bakery. It will forever be that bakery and therefore draw a certain type of customer. I would argue that it is an entirely different case at most bakeries, particularly when any hype surrounding them has worn off. It is important to savour something as rich a a cupcake, to see it as a treat so as not to make a habit of wolfing them down regularly. And honestly, can there be a more delicious, stylish or practical pleasure than the humble cupcake?

Remember everybody, cupcakes are there to be admired, savoured and treated with respect. And that is why they are so beloved to stylish eaters all over the world.

All pictures are mine except the SATC still which is from here.

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M.R. said...

I agree- don't be hating on the cupcake!!