Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Predictions for Spring/Summer

This Spring/Summer, I can see an overall return to fresh, girlish vibes on the cards. Pastels may not be your thing, so perhaps a sunny burst of yellow will uplift your spirits during days when you're stuck in work/school and can see the summer beckoning to you outside. Pink gets a bad reputation for being overly girly, or sometimes tacky. I think the best way to wear it if you never have before is to find the palest shade possible. It looks so light and sweet that nobody could ever call you anything but ladylike.

Other trends this I think will emerge this season:

A renewed obsession with Marilyn

Following My Week With Marilyn and its very likely award success, I think fashion will fall back in love with Ms Monroe and follow her lead for elegant summer style.

Of course, Le Tour will be on in the Summer, sparking, as many major sporting events do, an interest in it for the masses. Of course, this year is not just any year, it's 2012, and the Olympics are returning to London for the third time. With the track cycling, road cycling, mountain biking and the relatively new BMX events, I can see people getting their old bikes out and dusting them off for a ride. Plus, the stylish set may favour a classically beautiful Pashley (as above) to get from place to place in future, because what's the point of it if you don't look fancy?

Picnics and Garden Parties
Seize the day and take advantage of the sun for a barbecue with all your friends. Or perhaps a romantic hillside picnic. Or maybe even a gathering in the park with croquet, badminton and boules. Whatever you do, make the most of a warm day. And if it isn't very warm where you are, just take the picnic inside!

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