Friday, 3 February 2012

I Want It! Barbour Caramel Canvas Beacon Backpack

For me, backpacks bring back memories of being 11, a small person in a big school and dragging around all my books in  a bag so large that if I lay down with it one, I'd just be stuck there. Like a tortoise. Despite this, I've seen the backpack gain some popularity in recent years. I think the key is not to go too oversized, but instead to carry your essentials in some cute but functional on your back. A subtle colour helps too, and the delicious caramel shade of this Barbour bag is right up my street. Not to mention that it is both en vogue and will pretty much go with everything.

In terms of the image it gives out, the unattractive clichés of overloaded school pupils and determined tourists have been turned to the backpack's advantage. It is the favoured luggage of many a stylish foreign exchange student, young traveller and Preppy university-goer. This Barbour number may be expensive, but my goodness is it gorgeous.


Angel Court Jewels... said...

Ok, now you have me needing and wanting this backpack! I love the pocket details. Yummy.
Cheers Angela

Urban Fashionisto said...

This backpack is really nice.