Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Things I've liked in January

As the new month begins, I've just had time to collect my thoughts on the month passed. January has been pretty good for me, and I'm starting to feel that freshness which comes hand in hand with a new year, new season and a good dose of invigorating cold weather! These are my favourite things from the last 31 days.

Jane Keltner de Valle's foray into the realms of the hat world as she tries out Philip Treacy's new collection - in Teen Vogue

Shannon's 4 Ways to Guarantee a Great Monday over at The Simply Luxurious Life

Making it onto the pages of Teen Vogue and being included in Links a la Modetwice!

The natural look of flushed cheeks in the cold

Getting excited for Winchester Fashion Week in June!

Avoiding being outside for too long by reading a book in a cafe

Learning how to use nude tones in make-up from Sali Hughes

The return of colour. I mean, can there be a more joyful sight than this?


Laura Bray said...

That photo that you've posted is possibly one of my favourite photos ever! So much colour and it all works so well together!


Becky said...

I love colour so much! I bet Winchester Fashion Week will be amazing. I wish I still lived there! I miss it so much :(