Sunday, 18 March 2012

The best of Pinterest this week

I love that this font in combination with the image evokes the thought of a luxurious lifestyle, even though the picture itself is actually just of tarmac and cones.

Words cannot describe how much I love this image. In some ways it reminds me of Rose from Titanic, but mainly it just has an air of travel,  adventure and freshness. I think I'd happily get married in that dress.

I'm almost halfway throught the works of Jane Austen right now, which I'm reading for a project - this reminds me of how much I have left to go, it seems I've read all the shortest ones so far! Still loving it though.

Twigs & Honey is a company which makes accessories and ornaments for mainly brides, which means I shouldn't be interested in their pins, since I don't have a wedding to plan. BUT every one of their boards is delightful for more than just the soon-to-be bride, as this bouquet shot proves. My favourite boards are Things I Adore and Prettiness With Colour.

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