Thursday, 29 March 2012

Skills you need for a career in fashion

Credit: The Sartorialist

The ability to convey no emotion at all when watching a show you are actually loving (or possibly despising)

Talking into one phone in English and switching to French in the other whilst writing an email in Italian

Knowledge about what you should order at Tom's Kitchen in Somerset House, as it's the closest place for food when watch the main shows at London Fashion Week. I would reccomend getting a mix of their wonderful array of salads, and if you're not a model, be sure to grab a piece of artisan bread.

Picture taken by me

Complete lack of embarrassment as you take out an enormous camera to snap a shot of a total stranger because you like their jacket.

A complete mastering of the Parisian Chic look. How else will you be able to pass yourself off as the kind of person who visits the French capital all the time because you're just so jetset?

Adeptness at riding a bike in completely impractical clothing which won't possibly work for long journeys and is quite dangerous because you aren't wearing a helmet or reflective strips. But you'll look very cool.

Credit: The Sartorialist

Indefatigable hands for holding an umbrella above the head of your superior

A full fashion vocabulary. Having trouble? Try The Gloss

Being able to do that thing where one foot is further back and the leg slightly bent. Apparently it looks natural, but maybe you should practice yours, just to make sure it doesn't look weird...

Credit: Models Off Duty


NormalityAndMe said...

*prints out sage advice and sticks to my pinboard* Love this :)

Khadijat said...

Haha this is super funny, and strangely, seems pretty accurate. XD