Sunday, 1 April 2012

The best of Pinterest this week

Shoes and cake. What more could you want? It's all very Marie Antoinette.

I like this quote as it motivates me to read and research as far and wide as I can, because I know that so much of education depends on what you do yourself, not what is said to you in the classroom.

Is it un-patriotic of me to be in love with the flag of a country that is not my own? I hope not. It isn't that I dislike the Union Jack, I just think that stars and stripes are equally amazing to look at. But just in case you think I'm being a little disloyal to Britain...

How amazing are these?? I have to admit, if I wanted the union jack on my footwear (which I do) I'd be more likely to go for the converses because they can be worn with more clothes and to a wider range of occasions. But these are just fantastic. I think the Prime Minister should wear them every day! Or at least to state occasions, then if they did some stars and stripes ones, Barack Obama could wear them and they'd do a dance together. Or something like that.

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