Saturday, 7 April 2012

I Want It! Kiku Cotton Kimono In Crane Waltz

From Asos

Well would you just look at this. I'm not often really concerned with how I look in my nightwear - after all, I'm just going to be rolled up in a duvet for most of the time I'm wearing it. But this kimono is making me rethink that. It could be perfect for when you're staying over at a close friend's house, and want to casually lounge around in your pyjamas for evening hot chocolate or morning coffee, but don't want to look like a slob. It also has a distinctly vintage flavour, putting me in mind of some classic Agatha Christie mysteries or episodes of Downton Abbey, when it would be shameful to appear out of your bedroom in anything less respectable than a lace nightgown and some sort of cover-up.

However, for the current price, I think you'd need to go to a lot of fancy sleepovers to make it worth it. In terms of cost-per-wear I don't doubt that you'd justify the purchase. But I always tend to go by a different measure: cost-per-compliment. And you'll need more than a few people to see the gorgeous crane print and exclaim how marvellous it is in order to make back the £60 you spent on it. I suppose you could always ring up friends with nice houses and tell them how long its been and how dearly you want to visit them!

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