Monday, 30 April 2012

The importance of pyjamas

What is the point in dressing up nicely for lying all night under some covers, where nobody is going to see you? It never seems necessary to make much of an effort when you're alone, and at times it can be nice to escape any pressure. After all, when the week has been spent desperately trying not to wear the same thing every day, the only thing we want on the weekend is to do nothing and wear whatever.

That's all fine. But if you only own the kind of pyjamas and loungewear which are crumpled, faded and ominously stained from extensive weekending, what will you wear if you have guests over for a night? Or you need to leave a hotel room in the middle of the night to get something? Or have you ever considered the exquisite pleasure of knowing that you look completely glamorous, even when there's nobody there to see you? It's a certain kind of indulgence which comes from doing something for yourself and nobody else, and Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly demonstrates it perfectly.

In my opinion, we've lost some of the elegance which past generations used to associate with nightwear - you just have to watch Downton Abbey to see what I mean - and that's probably because the standards of what we wear during the day have become more casual. It is now acceptable to wear comfy hoodies and trousers in public, and while there's nothing wrong with this if that's what suits you, it has rather meant that pyjamas have become even less important.

So what is a girl to do about it? I wouldn't reccommend a Victorian lacy nightie, or going over the top with your nightwear in any way, becuase comfort is still the main order of the day. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to take a cue from Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel and invest in a pair of fancy silk pyjamas. If you're feeling particularly posh, you might even want to get your name embroidered on it.

Well, now that we've studied how the two greatest Audreys do it, I'm sure you have plenty of ideas on how to glamourise what you sleep in. If you're still stuck, don't stress about it. I would recommend just looking out for a nice set of pyjamas which are presentable, good quality and which you can keep clean easily, then save them for special occasions. Whether that it going to a friend's house, or reading the paper to yourself in bed, or indeed singing Moon River on your balcony.

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