Monday, 28 May 2012

Congratulations Andrew Scott!

Last night, Andrew Scott won a Best Supporting Actor BAFTA for his role as Jim Moriarty in BBC's Sherlock. And quite rightly too I say. But then, I would say that, since it was Scott's portrayal of the part which triggered the naming of this blog. Aside from that, it was a thoroughly good performance and I screamed a little when they announced that he had won.

Now of course I had to have a little look at what Mr Scott was wearing to the awards ceremony and I have to say I think he did Moriarty proud in an excellent suit. Though everyone is a little confused by his wonky bow-tie. Was it actually just a normal neck tie which he turned into a bow?

Other members of the Sherlock cast looked equally dapper in suits and either ties or bow-ties. Excepting of course the beautiful Lara Pulver who appeared every inch the Adler-esque seductress in what I am informed was a dress from Dannii Minogue's label Project D (though I need to verify that).

Images taken from this Tumblr page


fashion-meets-art said...

oh gorgeous pictures. i love the sherlock actor. he makes such a good job and the movie is so perfect!
kisses to you
maren anita

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Her said...

I missed the BAFTAs and reading this had lead me to watch it online - it was great to see Cumberbatch and Smith onstage together! I think Scott's bowtie adds character :)