Thursday, 24 May 2012

Little things which make me happy

A little bit of sunshine in a pretty place like Lymington, New Forest (pictured above)

Sliced banana and peanut butter on toast (don't knock it til you've tried it)

Slowly reading the whole of a Saturday newspaper over the course of a week

This video:

The fantastic newly-launched Winchester Fashion Week website. So ridiculously excited!

Sitting outside Cafe Monde with a drink or some food, watching people go by and listening to that man play Fields of Gold on the guitar

Listening to Jack's Mannequin, Vampire Weekend, Grouplove, Jack Johnson or The Drums. The combination of them is the soundtrack to my summer.

Being halfway through my exams!

Making something from scratch. I have plans to make a cushion for my room, and Holly and I are considering rotating the bunting on the tree because the original set is a bit muddy and twisted now.

All pictures are mine, final one taken by Holly

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