Sunday, 20 May 2012

Potential Diamond Jubilee Dresses

I've been invited to a party to celebrate the 60th year of her madge's reign. Now while this won't be as formal as, say, attending the actual royal occassions which are lined up to mark the jubilee, I'd still like to honour it with a suitable amount of effort. I'm thinking something summery (I'm optimistic about the weather) and perhaps in a patriotic colour, though the queen herself is well-known for her lovely of yellow, so any colour which looks good will be acceptable I think.

ASOS Sleeveless Skater Dress In Lace

It's in a national colour AND its lace detailing is reminiscent of the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress. I like this because it is fairly simple and would be the perfect option to be worn again to other parties, weddings and perhaps evenings out to dinner and the theatre. It comes in two other colours and is priced at £40 - not bad considering how many wears you could get out of it.

Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood Red Marghi Mini Check Dress
Well-cut, curve-emphasising and eye-catching. This dress has all three of the things which characterize a classic Westwood design. It is a little less flamboyant than some of her more extreme designs though, so should be appropriate for various events. Plus, that red/green colouring makes it just perfect for reclining on the grass, eating strawberries and cream. If you have a spare £295, this is the dress for you.

Darling Lace Amelia Dress

Another lace dress, though this one has more of a zesty kick to it. Anyway, this isn't actually ASOS, it's a brand called Darling, which does a lot of vintage-inspired pieces. I like this because it's sweet and very bright (though it also comes in pink and aqua). You would certainly stand out in this! I don't know how many places one could wear it to though, so I'd have trouble getting its £75 price tag down to a modest cost-per-wear.

Zara V-Neck Dress

Zara strikes again with a simplistic and perfect dress which can be worn anywhere: work, parties, dates, afternoon tea, dinners, though perhaps not weddings (best not to risk upsetting the bride by wearing white). I can't believe that it's only £35.99 - a price which is music to the ears of broke girls in search of something which looks like the daywear of royals. I'm a little dubious of the quality and how ethical this garment might be, but I hope for the best.


Becky said...

I'm also dressing up for the jubilee. Found the perfect skirt in Cath Kidston, paid for it, order confirmed and all that. A week later they decide to tell me that the order didn't process... and now it's sold out. So annoyed!

Back to the drawing board, I guess!


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kristina kenway said...

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