Saturday, 23 June 2012

The universal language of fashion

Sometimes in the world of a globe-trotting, high-flying fashion worker, whether you are a lowly intern or an editor-in-chief, there are moments when no appropriate words come to mind. Since fashion is all about who you know, socialising is key, and you can't afford to make any faux-pas. By using one of these fool-proof words or phrases, you can save both the conversation and your reputation!

A universal term of endearment which neatly solves the problem of how to address someone when you don't know how friendly to be. This can be used on everyone from your closest everyday friends to people you've never spoken to except by email. However, subtle differences in how long you elongate the 'ah' for can ensure that true friends know they are more important to you than frenemies.
Can also be used when you have forgotten someone's name.

I want a statement (bag/dress/accessory/necklace/shoe/lip/eyebrow/dog/look)
More is more. Just look at Anna Dello Russo. If you need a particular component for your outfit, but don't know what colour, what size or even what kind to go for, just say you want a statement piece. Nobody knows what the statement is. Normally it's: LOOK AT THIS NECKLACE IT IS A STATEMENT.
Also works for make-up.

They're a world-leading designer, their company is worth millions and they are a major source of advertising in your magazine. You simply cannot offend them, but their new collection is completely mental and all the models look like strange toad/shark/flowers. To say 'it's interesting' is such a cliché, which will be immediately seen through. To say 'fascinating' implies that you are not only mesmerized by their creation, but that you have fully grasped their concept and bow down to their superior sartorial intellect.

Not sure if the people you are discussing the latest show with are speaking French, Italian, English or something else entirely? Using 'bellissimo' will save you any embarrassment, since it is perfectly acceptable to use in almost any language. just be prepared for people to start talking to you in very fast Italian when they assume you are fluent due to your spot-on pronunciation. Obvs.

It needs a lift
When a garment, photograph or feature needs a certain extra something to make it the best it can be, but you are actually unsure what that might be, simply say it needs a 'lift'. While unspecific, this enforces that you want it to change and you need it to be made somehow more prominent. Say it with authority and nobody will question you any further. Add a raising hand gesture for absolute confirmation.'s the new black.
When something is so hot right now that simply saying it is trendy, in stlye, ubiuitous or fashionable will simply not do, go for the slightly meaningless exaggeration of saying that it has essentially replaced the fashion crowd's go-to colour. Even though we know that nothing can ever truly topple the chic-ness of black. Never.

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