Wednesday, 9 January 2013

5 best suit-wearing TV characters

After my post about suits and their ability to look good on any man (so long as he seeks out the right one), I started thinking about those men who do manage to find a flattering suit which gives them a sharp appearance, and realised that some of the best-dressed men I've seen have had the help of a costume department. I ofcourse immediately had to make a list of my favourite suited characters on television.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the Downton Abbey Christmas episode yet, don't scroll any further. You have been warned.

5. Hector Madden and Freddie Lyons in The Hour

Alright yes I'm cheating a bit by having both of them, but I think there are benefits to each character's individual style. Hector has that classic look of a dependable, old-fashioned broadcaster. I think the way his suits sit on his broad shoulders hint at his military past, while the elegant hints of colour in his ties and pocket squares suggest the kind of man-about-town he is now. In contrast, Freddie has a more laid-back style which suits his type of story-pursuing journalism. In the first series he was often without his jacket, smoking in a waistcoat with his sleeves rolled up while he pursued a lead. While he has smartened up for the second series to become a presenter, his old quirks are still present in the slightly dishevelled way he wears his tie and the characteristic waistcoats.

4. Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey

Matthew is a paragon of good tailoring and a gentlemanly appearance in the face of the declining power of the aristocracy. He uderstands the importance of dressing for different occasions: dinner, hunting, the village fair, a wedding, all require different outfits. All the details are attended to (by his valet) and his expertise is so great, that he can even offer some to Tom when he returns to Downton as an outsider of the family. So why isn't he higher? Well, there are two reasons. Number one: he's dead. This might seem unfair, since his death in no way lessens how well he wore suits previously. It's just that I think that Tom will now take his place as the smartest young man in a suit. The other reason is that it's very difficult to choose between Matthew in a suit and Matthew in a military uniform.

3. Patrick Jane in The Mentalist

Patrick takes a relaxed approach to his work for the CBI by lounging on a sofa in the office and helping himself to tea at crime scenes, so it makes sense that his attire should be equally laid-back, but still appropriate for the job. I love his mismatched wasitcoats and open-necked shirts. He tends to go for a light grey colour which sets him apart from the othr agents who mostly wear black. All of it is part of his charm; he is at once a figure of authority and someone friendly who you can trust.

2. Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother

He coined the phrase 'Suit Up!' He is seldom seen in anything else. He even sang a song about his love for suits in which the rest of the cast showed off their own formal ensembles. Barney straddles the line between workwear and going-out wear with ease and is consistently well-dressed. You may be wondering, in fact, why on earth he isn't number one on this list. Well, there's just one man who I simply have to place above him...

1. Jim Moriarty in Sherlock

Debonair, attractive and utterly evil. Jim Moriarty's suits are part of his image as a sought-after Consulting Criminal, because nobody would trust a man who was anything less than impeccably dressed with a commission to 'take care' of someone. And of course, how could I not put my blog's namesake at the top of the list? Like others on the list, he knows the importance of detail, and so carefully selects each aspect of his suit to match his purposes. The rounded collar on the shirt above is a tricky look to pull off, but he knows he can make make it look good when worn with a well-fitting Westwood suit. To read more about why Jim Moriarty is so great, take a look at my most-viewed-ever post: 4 Reasons Why Moriarty is Better than Sherlock (Sartoriarally)


Devon - InformedStyle said...

As soon as I saw the title, I had my fingers crossed you'd picked Patrick Jane!
It's a great look for the character, and I think it goes especially well with the vintage car he drives -

Enjoyed the selections!


Aleksandra Bogusławska said...

I totally agree, but think you missed Don Draper from Mad Men :)

Une Dandizette