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Links a la Mode and Re: John Galliano

Galliano with Kate Moss in her wedding dress, designed by him (source)
Last week I made a post about the new position of disgraced designer John Galliano, which I'm happy to say made it into the IFB Links a la Mode. The post had a great response, and I'd just like to share a few of the comments made on it (I hope the commenters won't mind) because it's an issue which probably raises more questions than it answers, making it fascinating to discuss.

One of the points I thought most interesting was raised by Devon of Informed Style (incidentally one of my favourite and most thoughtful fashion blogs at the moment): "I think that the Galliano situation could be compared to that of Coco Chanel - who is now known to have been a Nazi collaborator during WWII. Has that evidence destroyed her legacy or status in fashion? Hardly. Her work stands on its own, despite dis-tasteful political/personal views." That's a really good point; I heard about the Chanel/Nazi scandal like everyone else, but that didn't change the fact that I still consider a Chanel handbag to be one of the main things I aspire to own one day. Of course, there is a difference since Galliano is still very much alive, but I think the Chanel episode demonstrated the fashion industry's rather forgiving attitude.

Several readers picked up on my comparison to Chris Brown and I concluded one main thing from their comments: pretty much everyone who reads my blog likes Galliano's designs and not Chris Brown's music. My friend Jas pretty much summarised the difference between the two cases: "I think the reason he's far more forgivable than Chris Brown is a) he wasn't sober b) he wasn't physically violent and c) he made a very good apology."

I think it's safe to say that (a) is the reason most of us agreed that Galliano deserves another chance: he was drunk. Becky of Becky Bedbug said "I think a drunken (and supposedly drugged) nonsensical rant is very different to someone repeatedly and viciously beating someone." and Amelia of Amelia is not Cross said: "Personally think that he deserves a second chance as it was a supposedly drunken outburst rather than continual abusive comments"

So in conclusion, I think I can safely say that, in the remote possibility that JG himself should ever see this post, he can draw comfort from the fact that I and my readers unanimously think he deserves a second chance. He's also better than Chris Brown.

If you want to read the comments, take a look at the original post (a few I've mentioned aren't there as they were made on my personal facebook profile) and why not add your own?

Practicing What We Preach

  Edited by Taylor Davies One of the most rewarding parts of working at IFB is seeing the fruits of our labor manifest itself in the brilliant and creative members of our community. As I browsed through this week’s submissions, I saw so many posts that applied many of the tips and suggestions we’ve offered in our past posts. While of course I can’t say for sure that we were the direct inspiration for all of this really great content, a blogger can dream right? No matter why it’s happening – it’s just wonderful to see! On that note, many of the selections this week delve into thoughtful discussions on style – from Galliano’s return and tired trends of 2012 to better blogging tips and a tongue-in-cheek look at successful fashion bloggers.


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